Celebra is an interactive installation comprising a network of two-hundred, one-square-meter led-lit balloons, commissioned by the Uruguayan government. It was created in collaboration with UDELAR University's medialab.

The installation interacts with local visitors (sensing their movements and sounds) and with remote public through a

dedicated website and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Celebra is also a performance tool, it reacts to music and can be directly controlled by local and remote performers.

The balloons are independently lit using RGB LEDs. We developed a client-server architecture where one master server controls the balloons and blends the stimuli of a host of clients, that send commands to the installation.


Barcelona is a commission by Uruguay Encendido. In it, we leveraged the technology we created for Celebra using only our hardware: Sendero. Barcelona consists of a Pentakis Dodecahedron, with independently lit edges.

Barcelona admits local and remote interactors. It reacts to ambient sounds in different ways, and lits when a spectator comes close to it.

It was created using openframeworks and Processing, and custom electronics.


An interactive installation, Son presents a magic mirror, where people is reflected as a set of flowing particles that follow them and dynamically create sound.

Son proposes a reflection on the self and our relationship with others. The particles that comprise each figure can be shared between participants. The mirror becomes alive thanks to its sound and graphics and interactors engage in a ludic search for specific reactions.

Son was constructed with Processing, reactor and a Kinect sensor.


Bondi is an interaction design collective, comprising artists, designers, engineers, musicians, architects, and one chef. We work in the intersection of art, design, and technology.

Bondi focuses on reclaiming the magic of interaction, by explicit designing it and expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

We are based in Montevideo, but operate globally. Our artworks have been shown in four continents. We never been to Africa. Yet.